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About Us

How it started:

In July 2020, Melbourne was experiencing their second lockdown, and Channara was one of the many people who lost working hours due to the restrictions. During this time the Allen family started which they thought would be a fun side hobby to keep themselves occupied - this very quickly changed and Allen Creations was born! Allen creations is a small family business run by Channara (Mum), with the help of Nick (Dad), and the moral support of their Nate (son).

Channara’s story:

I absolutely love anything and everything personalised! I wanted to share this love with other Mums and carers out there, and being able to see everyone in their personalised clothing made by me is so amazing and rewarding. I feel like I have finally found something I am passionate about, that brings me joy and also helps me support my family, and finally balance Mum life!

I have a working history of sports development, retail management, remedial massage, real estate and childcare, but I never found something that I truly enjoyed or had hours that worked around raising Nate. Like many parents out there, in all my previous jobs I would always miss out on special days with him such as family days at daycare, swimming lessons or just being able to spend the day with him just because. I feel so grateful to have found something I absolutely love doing where I’m able to give Nate my all, but still make sure we have a roof over our head & food in our bellies.

Allen Creations really did start from nothing and during the process I struggled with two jobs, before taking the leap of faith to pursue this full time – tough 6 months but totally worth it! I wanted to create a brand that was small, beautiful, affordable, and flexible for everyone’s wants and needs as I know first hand sometimes things get tough and we have to come together as a community to support each other.

It was just the other day I was able to go watch one of Nates swimming lessons – the first one in 3.5 years! Sad but true…Something I couldn’t do without the love and support from beautiful customers like you!

I want to thank you all for showing your consistent support throughout our journey and what is yet to come. Remember – if you have a dream give it your all and go for it.


The Allen Family xx